Electrodes Name Printing Machine

Electrodes Name Printing Machine

The Printing Unit designed for fine printing of Brand Name, Make , Type, Dimension etc. on the Coating of every electrode. The Unit is well equipped with AC Motor 0.5 HP (0.37 Kw), Gear Box, Control Panel with AC Drive Variable speed.


The Print Assembly :

  • Print Roller : The Print Roller is size of 85mm (Dia) and 90mm (L) Surrounded with Nylon Stereo, Print Name etc. on the surface of electrode. The Stereo is easily exchangeable on the roller for different brands.

  • Ink Roller : The Ink Roller made of Rubber picks up ink from Tray and spread uniformly so that continuous inking process available for print roller.

  • Ink Transfer Roller : Brass Roller assembly fitted in centre to transfer ink from Ink Roller to Print Roller in controlled manner, so that a fine layer of ink spread on the printing stereo for sharp and clear printing on the electrode.

  • Ink Tray : The printing Ink shall be filled in the tray for continuous printing.

  • Nylon Stereo : The engraved Nylon Stereo shall be fixed on the Print Roller by double side adhesive cotton Tape.

  • Print System :
    • On- Line Printing : The Printing machine is mounted on the Slow Conveyer (Collection Conveyer) for on-line printing.
    • Off-Line Printing : The machine can be mounted on Off-Line printing Station for printing electrode after baking.

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Print Area 65 mm (max) Horizontally
Printing Speed Variable from 1200 to 2000 electrode per minute.
Dia of Stereo Roller 90 mm
Dia of Ink Roller 85 mm
Dia of Ink Take-off Roller 65 mm
Capacity of Ink Tray 200 Ml.
Height Adjustment of machine 50 mm
Minor Adjustment of print roller 5 mm
Connecting Load 0.37 Kw , Single Phase 220 V.
Weight of Machine & Control Panel 80 Kgs. Approx.
Dimensions Machine Length 450 MM x Width 400mm
  Height 220 mm (Approx.)

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